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e's Republic of China, and the reform and opening up.&nb▓sp;Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina, South Africa launch

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science park cooperationChina, Sout▓h Africa launch science park cooperationChina, South Africa launch science park cooperation04-25-2017 06:52▓ BJTPRETORIA, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Ch

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ina and South Africa officially launched science park cooperation on▓ Monday amid efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperat▓ion in science and technology.In a speech delivered ▓at th

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e launch ceremony, Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong not▓ed the rapid progress in bilateral science and techno▓logy cooperation after China and South Africa established diplomatic rel

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ations nearly 20 years ago.Remarkable achievements have been made in bilateral cooperation in ▓biology, information, mining, laser, new materials and ot▓her fields, making science an

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d technology a priority ▓and bright spot in the China-South Africa comprehensive▓ strategic partnership, said Liu.In December 2014, Ch▓inese President Xi Jinping and South African Pre

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sident Jacob Zuma reached an important consensus on science park cooperation.During the first meeting of the China-South ▓Africa High Level People to People Exchange Mechani

sm (PP▓EM) on Monday, science a

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nd technology was incorporated as a key field of cooperation into the mechanism framework.With Monday's official launch of the China-S▓outh Africa science park coo

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the science and business circles of the two countries will conduct exchanges and researches on scien▓ce park cooperation.As an action to implement the c▓onsensus of the heads of state, the launch of the C▓hina-South Af

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rica science park cooperation is of g▓reat significance for deepening bilateral innovation cooperation and realizing win-win cooperation, said the Chinese vice p

remier.Liu described science par

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ks as an effective tool to develop the science and technology▓ industry and to shore up sustainable development with technological innovation, noting that many c

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science parks a common choice.Enhanced science park cooperation will inject new vitality int▓o China-South Africa science and technology cooperation, she said.Ch

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